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5 Fabulous Projects Using Roof Lights on Houzz

October 14, 2016 1:38 pm

Here are 5 projects we found on Houzz that we just had to share with you. All of them use glass roof lights and/or walk on glass with impressive results.

Connecting Old to New

A series of flat glass roof lights connects this ultra-modern extension to a traditional property.

Private Home in Chiswick, London

Natural Light for a Basement

Generously sized roof lights and a walk on glass unit enables light to travel right through the centre of this building.

Westmoreland Terrace

A Huge Statement

One big flat glass roof light takes pride of place on this extension project.

Richmond upon Thames - Montague Road

The Perfect Centrepiece

A flat glass roof light the drenches the dining room area with natural light.

Contemporary Extension Chiswick

Light Up Dingy Spaces

Natural light is brought into the back of the room with this roof light.

Muswell Hill House
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