Residence 9 Windows

The perfectly flush exterior recreates a true timber alternative aesthetic, whilst the interior is stylishly decorative, creating a classic home feel.

Residence 9 windows outperform many other window systems due to the combination of sophisticated design, innovation and technological advancements. You can choose from highly efficient double or triple glazed units, attaining U-values of 0.8 with triple glazing, PassivHaus Standard, and 1.2 with double glazing, far surpassing the British Building Regulation requirements.

Design Features

  • Foiled ‘Easy Clean’ Rebates
  • Traditional Sightlines
  • Georgian Bar
  • Authentic Butt Hinge
  • Handles and Stays
  • Weatherbar/Mullion Stiffener
  • Bays and Cornerposts
  • Authentic Cill Detail


Colour Options Available

  • Grained White

  • Cotswold Biscuit

  • Clotted Cream

  • Cotswold Green

  • Painswick

  • English Oak

  • Silvered Oak

  • Golden Oak

  • Rosewood R9

  • Eclectic Grey

  • No 10 Black

  • Corse Lawn

  • Vintage Cream

Range Styles


Residence 9 Installations

Your Residence 9 windows are not only stylish, they will withstand the test of time too. They include state of the art design features and champion British craftsmanship using time honoured traditions and modern manufacturing processes. With a range of splendid styles and configurations, Residence 9 allows you to create an individual design statement for your home. Choose from a vast colour palette and a series of decorative options to truly personalise your Residence 9.