XACT Walk On Glass Roof Light

The XACT Walk On Glass Roof Light gives an instant wow factor to a home.

Similar to the XACT Flat Glass Roof Light, this product is designed to be installed flush with external flooring. The XACT Walk On Glass Roof Light is perfect for flat roof terraces or to bring natural light into a basement.



  • Frameless appearance from inside
  • Sits flush with external flooring
  • Anti-slip glass for increased slip resistance
  • High strength glazing for complete safety

The roof light has glass which sits flush to the edge of the frame, and sits level with the internal plaster line. It makes it appear frameless from the interior of the home, creating an illusion of an open space, and allowing in maximum natural light. Anti-slip glass increases the slip resistance for the walk on roof light.


We can provide Walk On Glass Roof Lights in any size required for your project.

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